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Why not get involved and become a Friend of Help a Hedgehog Hospital?

For just £15 per year for adults, £12.50 for seniors, £7.50 for juniors (under 16’s) and £25 for families/couples, you will receive:
  • A membership card with your membership number and renewal date
  • Logobug
  • A hedgehog membership badge
  • A copy of the current 3H newsletter (produced twice a year) with news from the hospital, seasonal tips and information on Hedgehogs and hedgehog care.
We now offer our members the option to sponsor our work by becoming a regular monthly supporter and give a minimum of £3 per month by standing order instead of paying an annual membership fee. We also hope those who choose the annual membership fee option will consider setting up a standing order as this is the simplest and most cost effective method for us so that more of your money is spent on helping hedgehogs !

Download a membership form here or contact our treasurer Maureen for more information on:

Please contact us as quickly as possible if you need help with a sick, orphan or injured hedgehog. Time is an important factor in saving lives.

Please note: we are only able to deal with emergency calls in Gloucestershire.

Phone calls for emergencies only, evenings and weekends:
07867 974 525

Please use this email for enquiries:


We are also unable to deal with enquiries regarding pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs as these are an entirely different species to the European hedgehog. We can put you in contact with a local rescue centre that deals with Pygmy Hogs but if you need urgent advice, please contact your vet.
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